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PhD Studentships Available in the Environmental Processes and Microbial Ecology Laboratory

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The Environmental Processes and Soil Microbial Ecology Labs at the University of Warwick are currently offering PhD studentships through the BBSRC-funded Midlands Doctoral Training Partnership (MIBTP) and through the NERC-funded Central England NERC Training Alliance (CENTA). These studentships will begin October 2023.


We are also excited to support outstanding applicants for other funding opportunities, including the the Warwick Chancellor's International ScholarshipChina Scholarship Council- University of Warwick Scholarships, and the Monash Warwick Alliance Joint PhD Scholarships.   

NERC-CENTA Projects:

Do Microbe-Mineral Interactions Influence Nitrogen Cycle Dynamics?

PI: Ryan Mushinski, Co-I: Gary Bending

Identifying Microbial Sources of Nitrous Oxide Production.

PI: Ryan Mushinski, Co-I: Gary Bending

Circadian Rhythms in Plant-Microbe Soil Interactions. 

PI: Gary Bending, Co-I's: Isabelle Carre, Ryan Mushinski, Davey Jones


Reactive Nitrogen Biogeochemistry in Agronomic Systems.

PI: Ryan Mushinski, Co-I: Gary Bending

Unraveling the Global Microbiome of Crop Plants to Improve Sustainability and Food Security

PI: Gary Bending, Co-I's: Ryan Mushinski, Chris Quince


Please check specific websites for application deadlines. Contact Ryan Mushinski for further info.

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